Longview Engagement Mission and Vision:

LVE seeks to consult with colleges and universities across the country to expand and operationalize effective and responsive engagement strategies. Founded in 2020, LVE strives to advance the practice of community engagement and workforce development within educational systems and the communities they serve. Doing so ensures that universities and colleges proactively engage communities to play an active role in the development and application of knowledge focused on their highest priorities. Listen to founders Lou Swanson (VP Engagement Emeritus at Colorado State University) and Scott Reed (Emeritus VP of Engagement for Oregon State University) describe their motivation for creating LVE.

Client service areas

Longview Engagement customizes our services to public and private clients in these areas:

  • Revenue Growth and Diversification through Engagement
    • Grants
    • Fee for Service
    • Philanthropy
    • Appropriations
  •  Innovative Programming/Digital Engagement Strategies
  • Network Weaving
  • Developing Reciprocal Partnerships centered around co-creation with community and industry partners
  • Communication and Connection strategies
  •  Infrastructure/Organizational Structure to expand engagement university/college-wide
    • Evaluating the risks of disruption
    • Talent succession planning
  • Principles of Practice/Strategic Planning for Engagement
    • DEI-Social, Economic and Environmental Justice as engagement
  • Impact Evaluation/Measuring Engagement

Projects and Collective Experience

Longview Engagement Associates collectively have more than 100 years of professional work experience in higher education and community college leadership, with special attention to partnerships with communities served.

Representative projects and work history (accomplishments of the principals of Longview Engagement:

  • Designed and launched new departments/units, programs, and campuses centered on engagement
  • Integrated engagement throughout university and college infrastructures
  • Co-created revenue-generating online programs and units for major universities and colleges
  • Successfully co-created statewide engagement strategies with government, industry, and community partners
  • Produced sustained revenue growth strategies for universities and colleges including:
    • Increased philanthropic giving
    • Appropriations through special taxing districts and state allocations
    • Fee for services
    • Grants and contracts through agencies such a Department of Labor, Department of Agriculture, and Department of Education
  • Integrated DEI work through university and college engagement
  • Blog series: https://longviewengagement.com  Topical areas: Revenue Models through Engagement, Community Engagement, and Modernizing Extension.
  • Special issue: Journal of Community Engagement and Scholarship, Reed and Swanson, editors. (anticipated 1st quarter 2022) Lead article Resources – Longview Engagement. Topical areas: 
  • University-wide  Engagement Review: University of Missouri 
  • Digital innovation and strategy; enterprise communication; social media. University of California, Extension Foundation.  
  • Micro-credentials (badging) for Extension and for non-credit online workforce and educational programs.
  • Development of social media strategies and strategic communications plans
  • Incubating and accelerating engagement projects
  • Engagement scholarship – Both Reed and Swanson are highly involved with national university engagement organizations, including as members of the Executive Committee of the Engagement Scholarship Program and as a member of the Board of Directors representing the Council on Engagement and Outreach of the Association of Public Land-Grant Universities
  • Strategies for moving from outreach to engagement 

LVE Principals– Staff Bios

Scott Reed, PhD

Dr. A. Scott Reed (Scott) is a career Extension educator trained as a forester and economist. He began in the private sector where he discovered the value of partnerships and engagement with university faculty. Scott initially spent ten years at the University of Minnesota where he began as an extension specialist in timber harvesting and economic development before stepping into leadership positions of Extension Program Leader and Coordinator of a branch facility in northern Minnesota. Moving to Oregon State University in 1990, he served as Executive Associate Dean and  Extension Leader in the College of Forestry before becoming Dean and Director of the OSU Extension Service in 2005. In his last 10 years last Before retiring in 2019, he was Vice Provost for University Outreach and Engagement. Since retiring, he joined the Extension Foundation as a catalyst to help accelerate early stage, high potential Extension projects and along with Dr. Lou Swanson, established Longview Engagement Associates. His career accomplishments include authoring and/or leading more than 80 publications, books and symposia. More than 20 organizations have honored Scott for his work, including recognition in 2018 with the coveted Ruby Award from the Joint Council of Extension Professionals. Scott holds BS and MS degrees from Michigan State University and a PhD from University of Minnesota.

Lou Swanson, PhD

Lou retired in September 2019.  Immediately prior to retirement, he served as Vice President of Engagement (2006 – 2019) at Colorado State University and Director of CSU Extension (2010 – 2019).  He is a sociologist with research on rural societies and the transformation of US agriculture and rural communities.  Between 1980 and 1997 he was in the Department of Sociology with his research appointment in the Agricultural Experiment Station at the University of Kentucky.  In 1997 he became Chair of Sociology at CSU and also served as the Research Associate Dean in the College of Liberal Arts. 

As a VP (2006 – 2019), he created what is now the Office of Engagement and Extension.  Lou oversaw CSU Extension, CSU Online, Office of Community and Economic Development, and the Colorado Water Center.  The Office of Engagement and Extension had international programs in China, Ethiopia and Kenya.  As VP, Lou worked with CSU Extension professionals and local leaders and citizens in both urban and rural communities throughout Colorado.  

He received his BA in Political Science at St. Andrews Presbyterian College (NC), a Master of Technology in International Development at North Carolina State University, and a Ph.D. in Rural Sociology at Pennsylvania State University.  

He served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Tunisia (1972-74), as a Resident Fellow at Resources for the Future (1990), was elected President of the Rural Sociological Society (1999 – 2000) and in 2009 was recognized as an Outstanding Alumni in the College of Agricultural Sciences at Pennsylvania State University.  He has written numerous journal articles and book chapters and has authored or co-authored six books on agricultural public policy and rural communities in the United States.  Along with Dr. Scott Reed, he established Longview Engagement Associates. Presently, he is Professor of Sociology Emeritus and Vice President of Engagement Emeritus at CSU.

Rose Hayden-Smith, PhD

Rose is a University of California Cooperative Extension advisor emerita. Most recently, she served as an educator for digital communications in food systems and Extension education, helping her colleagues improve their digital presence. She is the founding editor of the UC Food Observer, a University of California Office of the President communications platform created in support of the Global Food Initiative. She writes a regular blog about food and agriculture. She currently works as a consultant for the Extension Foundation on publishing and digital engagement projects.

Over the course of her 30 years in Extension, Rose directed a county 4-H program, coordinated a Master Gardener program, and served as Ventura County’s first female Extension director. She also served as Extension’s Statewide Initiative Leader in Sustainable Food Systems, spearheading strategic planning for multidisciplinary program resource allocation in agriculture and food systems. Rose has developed programs for youth and adults in numerous disciplines and is experienced in working in partnership with communities to address local needs. She has deep expertise in non-profit operations, including board development and governance.

A practicing U.S. historian and author Rose is a Kellogg Food and Society Policy Fellow and the recipient of the UC Davis ASI Bradford-Rominger Award for outstanding contributions to agricultural sustainability. She holds four degrees from UC Santa Barbara: a BA in English, MA in Education, and an MA/PhD in U.S. History.

Corey Edwards

Background: The entire model and practice of higher education has been upended, and no one has seen that more acutely than Corey Edwards, Colorado director for the largest online higher education institution in the United States, Western Governors University (WGU). With more than 110,000 enrolled students nationwide, WGU offers unique, accredited, competency-based higher education in a model that allows students to achieve an undergraduate degree for less than $20,000 in a shorter period of time.

Edwards brings an optimistic view to education in Colorado and the opportunities that are available in the higher-ed sector to bridge gaps in technology, provide accessibility and begin to forge equity for all who desire to further their education. His experience at WGU, CUBoulder and CUDenver give him a depth of knowledge in the higher ed arena that encompasses emerging trends, affordability, equity in opportunity, changing landscapes, varied student populations and innovative learning environments.

Edwards is creating workforce pathways to opportunity for all Coloradans, especially those of color looking to elevate their knowledge and skills. He is a champion for improving education in Colorado at all levels and brings a visionary voice to the conversation. As an active member of the community, Edwards’ personal mission is to inspire and elevate a diverse and representative group of emerging leaders in communities statewide by creating an environment where talent meets opportunity.

Eric Dunker, PhD

Eric Dunker currently serves as the associate vice president and dean of business, technology, and workforce partnerships at Arapahoe Community College. He leads 2 extended campuses in Castle Rock and Parker and leads ACC’s efforts in industry and community engagement. Eric co-led the cultivation of $11.1 million in private donations for the Sturm Collaboration Campus that also received the 2019 Colorado Economic Development Partnership of the year. Dunker has co-created innovative apprenticeships in health care, technology, and business, and co-created responsive career-ready programs for displaced workers in the Denver-south region during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dunker serves on the Colorado State Youth Council board, the Arapahoe/Douglas workforce board, the Colorado State University county extension board, and was recently named a 2021-2022 Aspen Institute Fellow for Rising Presidents.

Dunker has 18 years of experience in higher education in areas such as outreach and engagement, continuing education, academic support, and assessment. Prior to ACC, Dunker served as the coastal regional director for Oregon State University Extension/Outreach and Engagement. Dunker led 6 county extension offices and helped implement new strategic initiatives for engagement. Prior to OSU, Dunker worked in a variety of roles for 9 years at MSU Denver, which is a Hispanic Serving Institution in downtown Denver. Dunker graduated from Bucknell University with his BSBA, Colorado State University with an MS, and the University of Denver with a PhD in curriculum and instruction.